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Posted 07/22/2012 11:37 AM


Don't know who you are but I've got two properties that I purchased in Indianapolis, one is a sfh, 4 bd., 1 ba., about 1900 sq. ft. built around 1910.  The other is a duplex, 2 bd., 2 ba., each side, about 988 sq. ft. each.  I bought them a couple of years ago as out of state investments and they've been sitting empty this entire time.  The company which I purchased them through was helping with the property management for a while but we just had turnover after turnover with those and it just got to be a huge headache.  I really would like to rent them out and have the income but as I have no eyes or ears on the ground there it's made it incredibly difficult so at this point if I could sell them I would.  What kind of offers do you make and are you legit?  I'm really fed up with being scammed so if you are honest and serious you can email me at otherwise please don't waste my time. Thanks.

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