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How do I cancel my account??

How do I cancel my account?? pls reply me sooooooooon

12/31/1969 06:00 PM
0 389
How do I cancel my account??

How do I cancel my account??

How do I cancel my account??
04/03/2011 08:16 PM
2 597
The Give Away

Ok you have all seen it. This is the give away method. This is where you find a product or create a product that you can give away in order to get someones name and email and add them to your list. Now notice you don\'t have to create this :D So the basic deal is:

1. Create a squeeze page with an opt-in box

2. Write a little about the product you will give your visitors for giving you there name and email.

3. Create a thank you page with a link to the give away. This could be software, and ebook, or even access to information on the thank you page.

4. Once they \"Opt-in\" send an email that gives them a link to your thank you page.

5. From here there are lots of ways to go. Just make sure that your give away is worth your new friends time and will help them solve a problem.

Yes think of everyone on your list as your friend. You need to treat them the way you want to be treated. Everything mentioned here can be outsource, downloaded or created from scratch. Build a relationship with your list. Listen to them and help them solve problems.

The Give Away
08/06/2011 04:23 PM
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Google Adsense

Everyone here should have a web page, but how many of you have added Google Adsense to it to monitize your leads? Don\'t know what Google Adsense is, then Google it :D Need some help. Just post your questions here and let everyone help.

Google Adsense
01/25/2011 09:31 AM
2 528
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