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REACT-Reverse Engineered Agreeable Contract Terms
Posted by: butlerswebuyhouses on April 25, 2015
"The Iannotti's", Jon & Stephanie have done it again! The next 3 Day REACT/CATS Training Event is coming June 12-14. The Hottest Techniques that are Working in Today's Market! Watch "What You Will Learn With ACT/REACT/CATS. Learn from the people who give the Guru's their ideas! Being held in the beautiful Southwest Florida ...(Read More)
The IANNOTTI'S are Doing it Again! REACT is the latest technique to hit!
Posted by: butlerswebuyhouses on April 25, 2015
REACT is Turning Investor Training UPSIDE DOWN! Get your copy of the REACT Home Study Course now at: First 3 Day REACT Training Work Shop Coming June 12-14 in Ft. Myers, FL!!!  Sign up now at: The Hottest new technique in Investor Training is being launched.  Get in now so ...(Read More)
'REACT/CATS' New RE Investing Technique
Posted by: butlerswebuyhouses on April 25, 2015
Well once again, "The Iannotti's' have created another new RE Investing Technique! This one will turn your Investor Training "Upside Down"! We created "ACT", Agreeable Contract Terms, and now we have "REACT". We have put the two techniques together in one Home Study Course, CATS, The Complete Agreeable Contract Terms System! Watch ...(Read More)
Better Than Stocks & CD's
Posted by: butlerswebuyhouses on March 14, 2015
If you are looking for better returns than Stocks & CD's, check this out!   (Read More)
Private Commercial Funds
Posted by: butlerswebuyhouses on May 03, 2012
Ok, we did it!  We have cracked the code to getting anywhere from $250k to $500 million in Private Commercial Funds! After 5 years of searching for this type of funding for Residential properties, we figured out that it is not available. However, we stumbled upon massive Private Funding for COMMERCIAL ...(Read More)
5 Gig Cloud For Free!
Posted by: butlerswebuyhouses on May 20, 2011
OK, after losing tons of information on my computer, I finally moved to "The Cloud".  Check out the link below.  I found this company, SugarSync. They offer 5 GIG for Free and you can pay for additional space very inexpensively. We love it and so will you. Always bringing you the best ...(Read More)
Investor Liquidating, Tenant/Buyers in Place
Posted by: butlerswebuyhouses on January 19, 2011
We have decided to liquidate our Properties in Butler, PA. We have relocated to SWFL, and are looking to sell off these properties.  Great deals for Investors! Each has a Tenant/Buyer in place. Contact us if you are interested in one or all of them! (Read More)
"Coin Of The Month Club"
Posted by: butlerswebuyhouses on January 13, 2011
Ok, I was at Numis University this past weekend.  One thing they told us there is our "product". Our "product" is "The Coin Of The Month Club". Where else can you get an asset every month, get tax deductions, and earn a residual income? That's right, Numis Network! Check out our company and ...(Read More)
The Time Has Come To Make Money
Posted by: butlerswebuyhouses on January 03, 2011
Wow, the Holidays are just a memory now.... As I sit here in between Mentoring phone calls, I was just thinking. You know it seems to me that most people put more time and effort into shopping and spending money on Holiday gifts than they do on their Real Estate businesses? ...(Read More)
Private Money
Posted by: butlerswebuyhouses on December 23, 2010
You know, when I started investing years ago (and I do mean Years ago), I was afraid of asking for private money.  Then I got my first investor at a 4 digit amount.  Then I asked some others and soon had 5 digit investors, then 6 digit investors.  Today I have ...(Read More)
Bank Owned Properties NOT ON THE MLS!
Posted by: butlerswebuyhouses on December 07, 2010
Guys, If you are interested in buying Bank Properties that are NOT ON THE MLS, check out our site. Jon (Read More)
Private Money
Posted by: butlerswebuyhouses on November 01, 2010
Do you want to learn from one of the best Private Money Guru's out there?   (Read More)
Our Book Launch Tomorrow!
Posted by: butlerswebuyhouses on October 20, 2010
Our New Book Comes Out Tomorrow! And so do your bonuses! Dear VDF Member, As I announced earlier this week, over the last 6 months, we have been working on a book with our top real estate mentors and coaching students in the nation.  In the process of writing this book, ...(Read More)
Multiple Streams of Income
Posted by: butlerswebuyhouses on September 24, 2010
You may or may not know that Stephanie and I have spent over $300k on our RE Investing Education.  Was it worth it?  MY, OH, MY, YES!!!  Do you have to spend that much?  No.  Just listen to the people who are doing it and emulate what they are ...(Read More)
Labor Day, a Labor of Love
Posted by: butlerswebuyhouses on September 06, 2010
As I sit here having my breakfast, I thought I would put some thoughts down. Seven years ago, I made a life changing decision.  I had 24 years in a local steel mill in Butler, PA. Six more years, and I would have my pension and benefits for life.  I ...(Read More)
Posted by: butlerswebuyhouses on August 21, 2010
Hey guys, Wow, I have been doing some awesome networking and have some great news for everyone. I now have access to BULK REO's that you can "Cherry Pick".  That's right you can give us your criteria and we will get the product for you. Give me your area you want to ...(Read More)
Accumulate & Collect True Wealth
Posted by: butlerswebuyhouses on September 21, 2010
Create Wealth With This PRESTIGIOUS, New Home Based Business This has Never Been Done Before! Numis Network Earn a SUBSTANTIAL INCOME in this $100 BILLION WORLDWIDE MARKET Please watch this video of our good friend, Ray Higdon.  Ray is the number 1 earner in Numis Network.  Then if you are interested, ...(Read More)
Posted by: butlerswebuyhouses on August 06, 2010
Hey guys and gals    Yesterday we entered the contest that Fast Company is having to find “2010’s Most Influential  Online Person” and sent out one email and we cracked the top 50. It only took 200 or so “1st contacts” To say that you are ...(Read More)
What to do next?
Posted by: butlerswebuyhouses on July 19, 2010
Wow, finally the SIMS 2.0 launch is over. Now what do we do. Get back to work! Mentoring students today, then 2 days with Ron LeGrand and his Master Mind Members.  Can you say brain overload? Steph and I are presenting at the meeting our systems and how our office runs. (I ...(Read More)
LAST DAY FOR SIMS & Sims Payment Plan
Posted by: butlerswebuyhouses on July 18, 2010
  OK, TODAY IS THE LAST DAY FOR SIMS!  People are now OFFICIALLY going   crazy about the payment plan that Greg put  together for SIMS 2.0 and the SMP program! GET IN NOW OR YOU WILL BE LEFT OUT!!!  (Read More)
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